Friday, May 8, 2009

Adaptive Sports

Austin is getting involved in a program that has been/is being designed for handicapped children. Regardless of what their handicap happens to be. This program is being orchestrated by a friend of mine (Deanna) from work. Mostly because of her daughter who has her own handicap. She has been working with the YMCA here in town to do some kind of a team for these young people to get them out of the house, to get them active, and to treat them as normal as possible. But they are definitely getting their exercise!! I think this is an AWSOME idea and I'm glad that someone like this sweet woman is working on it. She will make it succeed!

This program was originally going to be a baseball team that was adaptive. However, I am fairly sure that it has turned into more than just that. I have to double check tomorrow but I think that right now, they are doing anything that is active and fun for the individuals involved.

On the initial meeting Steve ended up taking all 5 children, which they all had fun and I've asked if there were any problems with that. They've told me No, there wasn't a problem. They discussed what was going on with the group and what they wanted to accomplish. They also walked around the park's walking trail! From the photos I saw they all had a great time (I had to go back to work before the meeting even started). I'm looking forward to being involved in this group and helping when I can.

In the photo above you will see one of the people who were there walking with Austin (who is carrying his dad's cell phone attached to his pants) and then his dad is right behind him. There are lots more photos but this is what I'm leaving you with.

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