Friday, May 22, 2009

Electrical problems (Edited)

It was a couple years ago we had a problem very similar to the one we are in right now. You will have to forgive me for my spelling and lack of smilies as I am typing this on my blackberry.

I'm keeping this short until I can get on my computer. We are without electric right now. We had problems with wiring before... And it seems they must now have been fixed. Ugh! I hope to have news for you very soon... But until then please just pray that we can figure out what is up and hopefully it is a quick fix.... But I highly doubt it!
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So the electrician came today... and he managed to fix us all up. I'm extremely happy that we are safe and sound in our little house today. I was a bit worried about where we were going to go if we couldn't sleep here tonight.

The problem was a little hard to find. I knew that something did smoke but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from... and a good part of that reason was because of the fact that it was in a door that we don't use. There is a door between two bedrooms that we have blocked because we didn't want the kids running in circles. It's blocked with a toybox on one side. So, we moved that toybox while he was looking into all the wires and there it was...

This photo was taken with my blackberry... but that is a WHITE door frame. Well, most of it is anyways. I also got photos of the other side and the edge of the door. But I'm not going to post them tonight. I just took them to document what ended up happening.

They did rerun wires today... so half of our house is on a different part of the breaker. Before it was pretty much all on one. :) I'm just glad that it blew today! Because if it didn't... we probably wouldn't have a house to be sitting in tonight.

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