Thursday, May 21, 2009

A favor...

I need a favor from you guys... It is a favor that I need soon from you all. Matthew goes back to the doctor today. I'm interested in knowing what his weight is going to be this time. But more importantly (and I know parts of this story are missing because they were on my old blog) I scheduled THIS appointment with the doctor because I am tired of the run around and I'm really hoping that MAYBE he will be able to move the ball a little further.

For a quick catch up... Awhile back... I noticed a lymph node on the side of his neck is swollen. I noticed it after a cold and figured it was still just secondary infected. Well, after about a week I took him back to the doctor. We saw a nurse practitioner who said to wait 10 more days. I waited longer than that hoping it would just go down. But it never did. So I took him back. We've been through a trial and error of antibiotics and waiting since then and it doesn't go away! The last NP we saw told me he was congested and that I would have to wait 4 weeks to come back. (I'll add that he was NOT congested at all... he barely was even in the room when he decided to diagnose this.) Well, I DID that. When I went to schedule this one... I decided to go see the DR instead of his NPs. Because if I'm told to go home and wait another few days/weeks/months I'm switching doctors. Something IS wrong. There is a lump in my child's lymph node and it could be something minor or it could be something major and all they are doing is putting off actually finding out. We know it won't respond to this antibiotic or that antibiotic or the other one. Nor does it respond to "waiting". I'm done.

So, I need you to pray for my 28 lb 5 year old!! Please pray that I get SOMEWHERE this visit. Please pray that I managed to get a referral at least. I'm done with this waiting game when it could be something and they keep blowing me off. I want answers.

(His appointment is at 10:30 AM central time... I'll update again when I get home.)

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