Monday, May 18, 2009

It wasn't Me!

I've decided to participate in the "Not Me" Monday carnival hosted by My Charming Kids! It has been a long time since I went and did this one. Actually, the last time I did it was WAY before Stellan actually arrived! I just didn't always have a chance to make it here in time... with my classes and all that good jazz. But I had some free time today! So I wanted to participate this time! So without further wait... I give you MY Not Me Monday!

  • I did not get a new car this week that I don't dearly love. It doesn't have more power than my dear van that I will miss terribly when she finally dies. This car isn't paid off completely and wasn't a gift from my grandma. I haven't NOT gotten into my van since I got it! How sad.
  • I didn't tell my manager that I wouldn't work today because I wanted to catch up on sleep... But I wasn't scheduled anyways. I didn't tell a manager the other day when they tried to call me in that my clothes were in the washer when they were dried and ready to go.
  • I didn't feel sorry for the little blended family down the road. Let me just say that in this town they are not accepted very well and their children have a hard time finding people to play with because the parents won't let them play with their children. (The mom is, I think, Korean... the father is black... they don't have kids together. She has a daughter and he has a son.)
  • I didn't work off the clock yesterday. I really didn't. Because I figured it would be nice to watch my co-workers end up getting hurt. So, nope... not me... I wouldn't consider working off the clock for 5 seconds.
  • More importantly I didn't just do a Not Me post today!! Nope... I never would!

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melinda said...

Hi Jess, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Please stop back by for another visit soon. by the way, very nice site.