Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little Piglet Antibiotic

The other day, when Little Piglet was at the doctor, they put him on an antibiotic (in hopes of clearing up his ears, tonsils, and lymph node). Well, when I got home I realized that they put him on amoxicillin. I began to panic a bit... because Little Piglet is allergic to amoxicillin.

I guess now is when I need to back track a bit... to a trip to the ER for a feverish and screaming baby. When they diagnosed him with an ear infection and put him on an antibiotic to clear it up. Well, within a dose of the antibiotic he was happier and the pain meds had kicked in. However, after his next dose he began a blood curdling SCREAM... and when you picked him up he tried to get away and was in PAIN when you touched him. Then the rash started. So, we went back to the ER where they checked his ears and said that his ears were fine... let's try an antihistamine and also another antibiotic. He had an allergic reaction to the medicine that time.

When we returned home (we were on vacation then) and discussed this with his family doctor they said that it was concidered "mild" even if it was horrible for him. We could feel free to TRY the amoxicillin again and see what happens. The rash/pain could have been caused from an illness or it could have been piggybacked to close to an antibiotic that it reacted with because it was still in his body. I ruled out doing that test at that point. He wasn't able to talk to us to tell us what was wrong... I didn't feel up to what if he has a severe reaction (another risk with a mild reaction).

Well, Little Piglet is now old enough to talk and tell us specifics... so I went ahead and bit the bullet. He's not ILL now where he's cranky or screaming or anything. So, I figured we might as well do the test now. Get it over with.

Well, we are on day 2 of antibiotics... we've had 7 doses and he's doing fine. I had a worry moment there for a minute.... when he started saying everything was hurting. But it was the allergy medicine making him tired. No pain and no rash! So, it's either a reaction to an antibiotic from another antibiotic or it was from the illness he first had. So, maybe I can take it off his list... although I'll still always watch him VERY carefully when he is on that medicine.

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BoufMom9 said...

Glad your little piglet is starting to feel better. It's the worst when the kiddies aren't feeling well :(