Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Station Wagon

So, I mentioned that I was getting a new car... my grandma was doing to give me their white station wagon. You can't see it very well in this photo because it was after work and dark. But anyways, after I had called her back she was wanting to bring the car as soon as she could. They had a 10 day temp "plate" that they could drive on so they wanted to get the title transferred and get it plated and all that good jazz. So, we took care of that yesterday. She's plated and insured. She's ready to go. I'm excited. She drives really well. While she's not a NEW car... she's NEW to us. She's had her oil changed every 3-4 months since my grandparents had her when it was new. It has mostly interstate miles on it. Any other services have been preformed on her on time! I'll get more photos tomorrow when it's day light again. But for now, this is what you have to settle with.

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