Monday, May 25, 2009


I've decided to participate in the "Not Me" Monday carnival hosted by My Charming Kids! Go on over there and visit with her and her awesome family!!

  1. I did NOT do a bunch of changes on my blog this week. I didn't turn it into a blue blog with some "secrecy" behind it. I didn't turn it into a three column blog. :) Not me! That didn't require me to play around with coding... something I enjoy but I hardly ever do because I don't want to mess something up and start ALL over!
  2. It was NOT I who succeeded in week 1 of C25K! I am NOT nervous about starting next week's plan.... Because this week's wasn't all that EASY to start with. Now we are pushing already! But we'll check after day one. (Which isn't today of course!)
  3. I didn't get online today to check my paycheck stub online so I could actually budget out my paycheck to make sure I would have phone and internet! LOL!
  4. My husband didn't pick up a turtle on the road that was a water turtle which we then didn't placed in a tank. The kids DON'T like him at all.
  5. I didn't go over to My Charming Kids and read her tutorial that she has over there.
  6. I didn't want to hurry up and just get my own camera that wasn't point and shoot. I haven't been waiting patiently for a LONG time... and I'm NOT about tired of waiting.
Hum, that's about all I can think of for now... I'm gonna sign off here... enjoy a holiday with the family... clean up the house a bit. Everything I typically do BUT go into work! WOOT!

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