Monday, May 25, 2009

Bedroom Remodel

Welcome to my first attempt at being secretive over the internet! I refuse to give many details because I am also not going to be giving my children a lot of details until they are done and they see it finished. I'll get into how that will work in another post (although, you might have to remind me). Anyways, here are a few details into what is going on.

I've begun my bedroom makeovers. They will be pretty much the first rooms completed. I have discussed my plans with each of the children over what will happen to their rooms. I wanted ideas because I don't just want to go DO it and then find out they hate it! Ya know? But they have no ideas which ones I'm going to use and which I am not. However, neither will you internet. I might give colors when they are done and over with but the real DETAILS will not be released until photos have been taken and all that.

I've began on the hardest room first. The one that will end up taking the longest. Because this will ensure that my time is spent most wisely while retaining the surprise behind it all. This will allow my colors/themes and other selections to be secret. They know we are painting, they just don't know what colors and themes. So I began with the room that needs two coats of WHITE paint to begin with.

I began with Little Piglet and Rough N' Rowdy's room. Their rooms were done in paneling of light tans, browns, and off whites. Very ugly colored. So, because of the colors I knew it would need more than one coat and so we took white paint and went over it. It is cheaper to just use the white paint than to have to use the colored more. But it's a blank slate pretty much. I got one coat of white put on today... BUT I will try to get another one on tomorrow.

Then Thursday I'll go buy some paint (colored) and put it away until I can get it done secretively. :) I love it! I can't wait. I can't wait for it to be done either!!!

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