Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finals Next Week...

I'm a little bit sore today!! To top it off, I chose a horrible time to decide to loose weight. I'm talking FINALS next week. Oh, well!

I figured up my Soc grade today and it is currently an "A". I turned in my extra credit. That will help hopefully. I've began working on my final exam paper. I'm really hoping to get it done early so I can relax a while.

Biology I have a "B". He's told us what is on the exam already so I'll be able to study this weekend. I'm kind of hoping I will get an "A" and that will leave me at an "A" overall too! Which would be awsome on my nursing application (point wise).

Well, we have a pretty big storm going on out there!! It smells so pretty but it sure is loud! I miss having a screened/windowed porch to watch all the storms on. *sigh*

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