Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A couple of days ago I was doing some laundry when I noticed that my laundry room floor was wet. Very odd... but maybe something was up. Who knows.

I noticed that instead of drying up... it was getting worse! Hum? Wonder what is up... but refusing to believe my first instinct I came up with excuse after excuse as to why that floor was wet.

I finally ran out of excuses two days ago... when I could see the $$$ going down the drain. So, I asked my husband to take a look at it and see where it was coming from. Hoping it was going to be a leaky gasket to the washer or something.

Well, no... it couldn't be that simple! It's the hot water heater. Which was OLD when we moved in. It was about on it's last leg so I should be happy that it made it the three years we've lived in this little house. Now, it's time to replace it.

Steve mentioned it to the landlord today while he was painting one of the other houses our landlord has. He does busy work sometimes for the landlord and the landlord sometimes takes some off the rent. :) Anyways, he said that he had a water heater in his garage. He'd get ahold of his plumber to come by and get it fixed for us. Steve said he'd be home this week and next week. The landlord said it would be done by then! WOOT!

He has the plumber coming tomorrow afternoon to put in the water heater which is sitting outside the house right now. I can't wait. I'm kind of hoping that it works better too... but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Also, I have to say that I really like our landlord. He's been really great to us. He's even been more willing to fix things around here than the old landlord. If only he knew half of these problems BEFORE he bought the house from our scum bag old landlord, he probably wouldn't have!

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