Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week Two, Week 1 C25K

I was prepared for what I saw when I stepped on the scale. My first week has really been hard! To get the motivation to get up and work out almost every day is tough stuff! But I did it this week.

A Few Things To Note:
  • I didn't have any Pepsi, it was replaced with Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • I did complete a workout everyday as assigned.
  • My workouts have already began getting longer/harder as I have more challenges each day!
A Mental Note:
  • Don't eat a foot long sub from Subway prior to getting on the scale!
  • 5/6: Walked 1 hr.
  • 5/7: Walked 30 mins.
  • 5/7: Yoga 8 mins.
  • 5/8: Walked 1 hr.
  • 5/11: Strength/Aerobics 14 mins.
  • 142.1 :( (I was 140.0 yesterday)
Some Changes:
  • Less soda, more water
  • Longer workout sessions (OUCH !)
  • Weight/Workout in the AM
  • Doing C25K instead of just walking
  • Drink more WATER (get at least 60 oz a day).
  • Loose 1 lb this week!

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truelifeofjess said...

Weight loss is always a huge struggle. I can't drink any soda at all because then I will gain weigth back!! I drink a ton of water a day!!