Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little of This... and That...

Little Piglet's appointment was a very quick, in and out, appointment. They checked his lymph node... I got to ask a few questions. I wasn't as organized as I would have liked to have been going in. I wasn't sure what I should save for the next appointment with the specialist person and which ones would be okay through the general family doctor. I asked one question he couldn't really answer, which is fine because I'll get that answer at the specialist appointment. He took some time to explain the hand x-ray to me. Because they had given me a copy of the paper which I have enough knowledge to be able to understand. So, he went over it and explained again how whoever who interpreted it saw it. He said that it would probably be a good idea to get a copy of the actual x-ray to take with us. Then he said that they would probably get another x-ray when we got there... but they could use the original as a "base line". He couldn't (or didn't want to) tell me what this deviation away from normal meant as far as cause or what to expect when I go to this other doctor. But I also can understand that... that's why I'm going to this other person. So, for now that is all that I am able to tell ya about the appointment itself. I didn't ask about labs (like I said... a lot going on recently I didn't go in as organized as I would have liked). I might call them tomorrow and see if they will tell me if everything was normal.

Speaking of Little Piglet... today was his last day of Pre-K! He won't be going back there again. Next year (and technically speaking.. is now) a Kindergartener! He's so grown up. I am so very proud of him for all the accomplishments that he's made this year! There have been so MANY of them... even if gaining weight isn't one of them! :)

The Princess and The Dare Devil both have school tomorrow... then they are out for the summer. The Princess has an award ceremony at her school that I want to go to. I have a lot of running to do... in between some really tight schedules. The kids get out early tomorrow. *sigh* I will be glad to be able to STAY asleep when I don't have to be at work at 8 AM!

I suppose that's all for tonight... I have a couple topics I want to cover over the next couple days! But I will save them for their own posts!! Night!

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