Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Details

For a better introduction than my about me I will give you this post.
My name is Jessica but I go by Jess. I am 26 years old but I get another year older every September. I currently work in retail and I have for the last year. Overall, I enjoy it but it has its days! I have two pre-reqs before I can apply for nursing school.
I am married to Steve. He's 29 years old. He's a really great guy who treats my kids and myself very well. He's currently looking for a job but in this town jobs are hard to find! We are praying that the right job comes along soon... in the mean time, he's mowing yards and painting houses. He loves working with his hands and staying busy!
I have three children. They are all from a previous marriage. That is a story for another day though! I have Laura who is 9 years old, I have Caleb who is 7 years old, and Matthew who is 5 years old. They live with me 11 months out of the year. Their father and I don't live close to each other and so we have an unconventional visitation schedule.

I have three step children, however you will only find two being talked about in this blog from day to day. There is Dalton who is 9 year old. He lives full time with Steve's first ex-wife. Then there is Austin who is 7 years old and Richard who is 5 years old. We get them every other weekend and every other holiday. Plus we like to get them a lot more in the summer. I love them like they were my own!

With everything going on I'm pretty busy... I'm sure you can tell. But I feel that documenting everything is a great way to de-stress. Plus I can look back on it all later :).

So, get ready... it is sure to be a wild and crazy ride as long as you are staying around!

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