Thursday, May 7, 2009

Week 1

Okay, summer and warm weather is RIGHT around the corner. Which means that it is time to loose some winter weight! I'm a winter hibenator. I'll hibernate because I hate cold weather and then the next thing you know... I've gained a few (well, quiet a few) pounds. Which generally all sit in my tummy (and generally where my muscles have been stretched out by those three angels of mine). So, now it's time to get back on that!

Now, I'm making this semi-public because it holds me accountable! It's to easy to slip on my goals when they are kept to myself. Also, this keeps old habits from coming back... a story for another day. :-)

Each week I will be setting a new goal for myself to accomplish, sometimes more. They go beyond just weight goals but also other goals that will lead to the ultimate goal of prevention and make it easier to reach my weight goals. Sometimes there will be one and sometimes there will be more than one in a week. Sometimes they might even carry over... because sometimes I don't reach a goal or feel it needs more work.

So this is your chance to watch my struggles and laugh at me. But hopefully, in the end I can actually enjoy my bathing suit this summer! Oh yeah, and I really need a walking partner in the park here on the days I go there! If you wanna join in for some conversation.

My inital weight loss goals:
Current: 141.8 LBS.
Goal: 110.0 LBS.
Difference: 31.8 LBS.

My inital work out schedule:
Tuesdays: Weigh-In
Wednesday: Walk
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Walk
Saturday: Strength
Sunday: --
Monday: Aerobics
(This schedule is ever changing and will be cut a lot when goals have been reached.)

My initial weight loss goal for this week:
Loose 2 lbs.

My initial goal for the week:
* Drink NO Pepsi or Soda! Begin substituting with WATER.*

~Next Weigh-In: May 12th, 2009~

This journey will continue by week until I reach my goal...

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