Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Small Accomplishments

The smallest accomplishments are sometimes the most rewarding. I know this is going to sound horrible and very minor to you all but I'm pretty proud of myself. After watching people doing paint I decided to just do it. The person covering the department was pretty busy so why not? As it turned out, it almost turned out perfect. I was very happy. I know I'm still going to mess up while I'm learning but for the first time it was awsome. Yes, a small accomplishment byt it really made my evening.

To make my evening better I talked to my manager. We are short on people right now. So instead of coming in at 9 tomorrow, I am going in at 7 AM. Then I am getting an extra day as well! She said it was my choice to go home whenever someone else comes in or to stay until 4. I told her whichever, so I'll find out tomorrow AM which I work. That will be a 40 hour work week! That always helps with bills!

Tonight I had to have a discussion with my daughter about why she couldn't have her lacy curtain up. It was a chance to have an age appropriate conversation about peeping toms. But it also allowed me to let her voice her concerns, questions, and comments. She of course had mostly innocent questions. Told us she was a little scared but she seemed to feel a lot better when I told her that this is her house and she is to feel safe and not scared. We took the steps needed to make her safe.

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truelifeofjess said...

I am all about small accomplishemnts. Don't give up on your weight loss. If you have a bad one day don't beat yourslef up over it. Get back on track and try to make the better choices the next day!1