Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Story Of Last Night...

I have a lot of topics I want to do a post about... but this morning I'm going to leave you with the adventures of last night!

Our neighbor came over pretty late and asked for some help. My husband went but when he left he didn't tell me what was going on. So, I was pretty shocked when two of our cop cars ended up cursing around with spotlights on looking through the yards and such. One even got out and searched the neighbor's yard and the next door neighbor's yard, and then ours. I of course don't know what the heck is going on... so I tried calling my husband. Well, he left his cell phone here at home so that didn't help me at all!

When my husband came home later he told me that the neighbor was cleaning her bathroom when she looked up and saw someone peeking in. So the boys were looking for this person. They also called the cops. Which is when they showed up. But evidently, no one found him. So, we might likely have a peeping tom in the area.

However, Laura had some pretty lacy type curtains over her window. But now there is a solid curtain over the window. No peeping tom is going to be looking at my child. The other kids already have solid curtains so they are good.

Hopefully being caught will make him stay home. But I watch to many shows that tell me that peeping toms tend to get worse, not better. *sigh* Can't even be safe in this neighborhood where crime is really low.