Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo Lab...

While I was at work I developed a lot of film (I worked the photo lab in retail world). There was a lot of half taken rolls of film that we developed. Generally when I'm over there... there is not NEARLY as much film that isn't full. But everyone had to document the damages taken to their houses, trees, and yards. You could see the major effects of the storm beyond just what had happened at retail world. Beyond what had happened outside our house. Beyond what had happened at my parent's house. Vehicles were damaged and trailers were damaged. There really was NO preparing to do... because it went from rain to hell in seconds. People who weren't scared of storms before became scared of them. Or at least uneasy about them. Just because of how quickly it changed from just a storm... to something far worse. But it also made me THANKFUL that our damage was minimal compared to some of those around us!

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