Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Storm Is Over Now...

About an hour before I got off work today we had some PURE craziness hit! There was a storm coming. I knew it from my lunch at about 12:30 but I never expected what ended up happening. It turned out to be one of those storms that turn out a bit worse than expected.

The damage at our house was minimal. It tore up the tarps that we had outside. We have a car port and to keep the snow/weather from coming in we had tarps up. The neighbor lost a tree... which covered the road but didn't hit anything to cause any real damage. But beyond that, we were fine this time.

The damage at my parent's house was far worse. It took out all three of their trees but fortunately none of them landed on anything that couldn't be replaced. Dear Husband will be helping them tomorrow so that they can get that cleaned up faster. They already started on it tonight. So that is great! The electric company also managed to come and get the electric turned on for them. The phone line was repaired (it only broke the thing on the outside so that Steve got up on the ladder and replaced that) by Dear Husband tonight.

The damage at Retail World will be a bit more costly and probably take a bit more time. We lost about 3 of our sun domes. Mostly due to hail I'm sure. But it was quick.. it just broke and the rain came pouring in right over our softlines. We also moved quick and got them out of the way and buckets and tried to save as much of the clothes as we could. UGH! We did however, have some other leaks through the ceiling. They will have to repair those too. But we also lost our clearance tent (all clothing). The tent went down easily. We didn't try to save anything out there because it was to dangerous outside. So we concentrated on the stuff inside. The one person who went out... ended up getting hurt so yeah, that was a loss. Probably.

I'm glad that the storm is over for now... at least it made the last hour go fast as we are trying to run around and save things. But it's bad timing since we have inventory coming in soon! Very soon!

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